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Dermal Filler

  • Tech Neck Filler $300
Tech neck is a real thing! Now a days were looking down in our phones more than ever. Do you have some fine lines around your neck that your looking to soften? Adding some dermal filler into those necklace lines can help soften there appearance and add support. ​


  • Vampire Facial $400

One of the best facials! We utilize your bodies own plasma by drawing your blood, spinning it in a centrifuge and microneedling the plasma onto the skin. Afterwards we reinject the plasma to help with fine lines and dark circles. Plan ahead for this facial. You will be quite red for about 2 days. Collagen and elastin formation peak about 6 weeks after. Its the facial that keeps on giving! Great for acne scars, fine lines, dull skin, large pores.


Lip Flip Special $60
May 8 Only
Limited appointments available

Dysport $7/Unit
May 18 Only
Limited appointments available

Fat Dissolving

  • Summer is coming!  Book your Fat Dissolving appointment now!


Summer is coming!  Book your Morpheus8 appointment now!


  • Smooth Threads $300
Looking to help with fine lines around the mouth or eye without using filler? These tiny threads are an excellent way to add support and product collagen.

Lumecca IPL

Summer is coming!  Book your IPL sessions now!


  • Free Consultation with Zo
    Skincare Specialist Colleen

  • May 24, 2023

Colleen Wilkinson aka @mrs.glow.getter is a ZO Skin Health expert. If your looking for more information on ZO Skincare, adding new products, protocols for acne, rosacea, discolouration, you name it.. she can help! Colleen has been a mentor for our nurses with everything ZO and so we trust her immensely. It’s a great opportunity to ask one of the experts working within ZO.   

Special gift with purchase

HST applicable to all purchase
If full payment is made, an appointment can be scheduled within 1 year of purchase. Otherwise, an appointment must be booked prior to December 17 to be eligible for the Christmas Special 2022. 
More information on procedures is available under 'Procedures'. 

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